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Director of Commercial Property Management

Steven Chess was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, graduated from Pratt Institute, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Food Science and Management, to fulfill his dreams of being in the Catering Business.
In 1972, he moved to South Florida and began his career in the Social Catering Business, along with operating a Health Care Food Service's Division. As a result of the Catering Business, in 1980 Chess had the opportunity to purchase a multi-tenanted Industrial Building in Miami Dade County. It was at this point that this was the beginning of the Real Estate Business for Chess.
Real Estate has been a large part of his business, from Property Management to Sales and Leasing. To date, Chess has extensive experience in Real Estate Brokerage, specializing in Triple Net Properties, as well as Management and Leasing of Office and Industrial Properties in the Tri-County Area.
Additionally, as an outcome of Brokerage and Ownership, Chess has a wealth of experience in Property Management. Chess is known to "Roll up his sleeves" and get heavily involved with each project, as to find the best solution to capitalize on the income projections of the properties he manages. This is what sets Steven Chess apart from others!

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